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About Us

Fitrite was established in 1986 in Kathmandu. From a small shoe factory in the northern part of the city, it has grown to a modern shoe company with retail outlets covering the whole country and with strong international links.

In 30 years of service, Fitrite has earned the trust of Nepal one shoe at a time!

Today, Fitrite owns three brands that it has cultivated for different niche markets. Through these three brands the company caters to the full range of customer needs and Nepali tastes. It is proud to have a shoe that can fit every Nepali!

The Fitrite umbrella also imports and markets two leading international brands, BATA and Woodland. Both these brands offer Nepal leading cutting shoes that have been developed in line with international standards, design and fashion trends at affordable prices. We are proud to be associated with these two brand and to offer all Nepali a slice of global footwear at their doorstep at prices they can afford.

Fitrite operates across the country with modern technology and an excellent work-force. We are proud to be at the soles of Nepal!

  •   Leading manufacturer and retailer of high quality shoes to all of Nepal
  •   Established in 1986, serving the country with dedication for over 30 years
  •   Operates through 36 self-owned exclusive retail outlets across the country
  •   Retailing through multi-brand outlets across the country
  •   Owns three exclusive brands that have earned the trust of all Nepalese over thirty year
  •   Exclusive sole distribution to two leading international brands, BATA and Woodland
  •   Manufacturer high quality military boots for Nepalese security forces domestically in technical collaboration with Original Footwear Company, USA under trademark of S.W.A.T